Panoramic view of Neihart

Castle Mountains

Castle Mountains

Access the Castle Mountains from Multiple points, and find great camping, horseback riding, hunting, biking, hiking, fishing, ATV, a ghost town and incredible scenery. The White Sulphur Springs 'Castle' was build using stones quarried from these mountains, resembling castles themselves. Richardson and Grasshopper Campgrounds are located on 4 mile road, 8 miles from White Sulphur Springs, and are great places to set up base camp before the adventuring.

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Crazy Mountains

Crazy Mountains

Access into the Crazy Mountains is limited and seasonal. During the summer you can hike, bike, ATV, horseback riding, fish amongst enormous peaks like Crazy Peak with an elevation of 11,214 ft, and open field meadows. The Crazies absolutely dominate all other mountains in size, and are visible from nearly any peak in the Little Belt Mountains. Also in the winter, this area makes great back country skiing, and snowmobiling, but use caution, these mountains are Crazy.

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Highwood Mountains

Highwood Mountains

The Highwood mountains, area small range located on the Northern sections of the LBA. These mountains can be accessed from multiple points, and you can find camping, hiking, biking, ATV, horseback riding, and hunting all throughout the mountains. Only 20 miles from Great Falls, these mountains are a great place to go near the town.

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Lick Crick Cave

Lick Crick Cave

Located at sec. 19, T. 16 N., R.6 E. (N.36 E., and 16 W.), the cave is 10 miles west of Monarch, on Logging Creek Road. The entrance is located near the mountain, and a well forged trail exists to get there. The entrance is a 2x3 foot opening, and leads down until the "Cathedral Room", one of the largest rooms in Montana, measuring 405 x 465 feet and contains multiple sediments. This cave is also known for its bat population, all very harmless, and if you look up on the walls you can see them "hanging out".

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Little/Big Belts

Little/Big Belts

This is a prime recreational area. Both the Little and Big Belts have easy to get to terrain for hiking, biking, fishing, boating, swimming, hunting, ATV, horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, back country skiing, and snowmobiling. Access huge sections of the recreational area in the Little Belts from highway 89, and 12. Use this website to discover everything going on inside the Little Belts.
(Includes:Deep Creek, Middle Fork of the Judith, Sheep Creek-StudHorse)

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Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle

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Showdown is located only 60 miles South of Great Falls, MT on Scenic Highway 89. The base of the mountain is 6,800 ft and the summit is 7,200 ft and receives about 260 inches of snow every year. During the summer, the mountain is open to the public for walking and biking. All ATV use on the mountain is restricted, but you can access Porphyry Peak during summer with ATV.

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Little Belt Service Directory

Neihart, Monarch, Belt

Belt Valley Grocery 65 Castner St.,Belt 406.277.3523
Bob's Place 316 N. Main St. 406.236.5955
Cub's Den 5012 US HWY 89, Monarch 406.236.5922
Harvest Moon Brewery 75th St., Belt 406.277.3188
Little Belt Montana 111 S. Main Street 406.236.5547
Neihart Inconvenience Store 208 N. Main St. 406.236.5505
Pizza Pro 2 Valley Dr., Belt 406.277.3245
Ranches at Belt Creek 277 Armington Rd, Belt 406.750.2361
Showdown Montana 2850 S., HWY 89 406.236.5522

White Sulphur Springs

All Seasons Inn & Suites 808 3rd Ave SW 406.547.8888
Arrowhead Golf Course 397 Mt Highway 360 406.547.3993
Avalanche Basin Outfitters P.O. Box 17 406.547.3962
Bair Museum 2751 Mt. HWY 294, Martinsdale 406.572.3314
Bank of the Rockies 205 W. Main 406.547.3335
Branding Iron Cafe 307 3rd Ave. SW 406.547.3894
Castle Mountain Drug 25 E. Main 406.547.2316
Castle Mountain Sports 105 W. Main 406.547.2330
Conestoga Campground 815 8th Ave. SW 406.547.3890
Cougar Merc. 14 S. Central Ave 406.547.3522
Crazy Mountain Inn 110 Main Street, Martinsdale 406.572.3307
Dempsey's Tavern 24 E. Main 406.547.2299
Dutton State Bank P.O. Box 569 406.547.3265
Edward's Grocery 4261 US HWY 12 E 406.547.3731
Grandma's Antiques 201 Main E. 406.547.3798
Iceberg Construction 804 1st Ave. SE 406.547.2146
Jimmy the Geek Photo P.O. Box 631 406.547.3772
Mathis Food Farm 106 Mayn Rd 406.547.3512
Meagher Motor 202 Main E 406.547.3306
Medical Center 16 West Main 406.547.3321
Montana Roadhouse 904 3rd Ave. SW 406.547.3638
Red Ants Pants 206 E. Main 406.547.3781
Spa Hot Springs Motel 202 W. Main 406.547.3366
Springs Campground Inc. 1004 W. Main 406.547.3982
Stageline Pizza and Movie Theater 210 E. Main 406.547.3505
Stockman Bar 117 Mayn Rd. 406.547.9985
Tenderfoot Motel 301 W. Main St. 406.547.3303
The Castle 310 2nd Ave. NE 406.547.2324
The Garden Shop 302 W. South St. 406.547.3822
The Mint Bar 27 E. Main 406.547.9986
Town Pump 309 Main 406.547.3310
Truck Stop Cafe 511 East Main 406.547.3825
Twin Sisters Trading Post 509 3rd Ave SW White Sulphur 59645 406.547.3259
Van Oil 12 W. Main 406.547.9998

Great Falls

3-D Archery Supply 775 Couch Ave., Vaughn 406.965.3236
Amigo Lounge 1200 7th St. S. 406.761.1195
Bert and Ernie's Tavern and Grill 300 1st Ave. S. 406.453.0601
Big Bear 121 Northwest Bypass 406.761.6400
Big Mouth BBQ 1720 10th Ave. S. 406.727.7095
Bighorn Wilderness 206 5th St. S. 406.453.2841
Breaks 202 2nd Ave. S #103 406.453.5980
Broken Arrow Saddlery 15 Diamond Lane 406.454.1821
Central Bike and Key 705 Central Ave. 406.453.8702
Children's Museum 22 Railroad Sq. 406.452.6661
Dante's Creative Cuisine 1325 8th Ave. N. 406.453.9599
Great Falls International Airport 2800 Terminal Drive 406.727.3404
Holiday Inn 400 10th Ave. S. 406.727.7200
Jaker's Restaurant 1500 10th Ave. S. 406.727.1033
Knicker Biker 117 2nd Ave. N. 406.454.2912
KOA Campground 1500 51st St. S. #1 406.727.3191
Lewis & Clark Int. Center 4201 Giant Springs Rd.#2 406.791.7732
MacKenzie River Pizza 500 River Dr. S. 406.761.0085
Ricki's Pizza and Pasta 1220 9th St. S. 406.761.8052
Scheels 1200 10th Ave. S. 406.453.7666
Skier's Edge Pro Shop 1510 9th St. S. 406.727.3955
Steve's Sports Center 4700 9th Ave. S. 406.727.8606
Sting Sports Bar/Grill/Casino 1826 10th Ave. S. 406.727.7972
Tap House Grill 220 Central Ave. 406.216.2700
The Hilton 2520 14th St. SW 406.452.1000
Townhouse Inns 1411 10th Ave. S. 406.761.4600
Zumiez 1200 10th Ave. S 406.454.1595